Watch These Short Videos! Knowledge is Power!

Don't let getting a mortgage stress you out.  Watch some basic videos below to help understand what you're getting yourself into.  

Getting a Mortgage 101

This video explains some of the most basic things about getting a mortgage.

Renting vs. Owning

Don't think you qualify to buy?  Think again!! You can buy with as little as 3% down....and that can be a GIFT from family!!  

Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval

Learn the basics differences between a pre-qualification and a pre-approval to see which one you need.

What Are Basic Income Requirements

Learn the basic income requirements for getting approved for a mortgage. 

Basic Documents Needed

There are some basic documents needed for most loan types.  You can download a list below, but here are the basics we'll need. If you have a unique situation, please call us to discuss.

Download the Document Checklist Below


Getting your documents to us is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE PROCESS.  While we believe everything you tell us in the application process, it's up to us to prove it to the underwriter.


 "Lies until proven true" is how an underwriter will look at a loan.

Get this part of the process out of the way, so the heavy lifting is done!!

Below is a downloadable file with a checklist of required documents to get your loan pre-approved.

Saving them to a folder on your desktop is ideal, so you can upload them to our secure portal later. 

Loan Types

The loan products out there are endless.  Let's focus on the two most commonly used.

What is an Underwriter?

The underwriter is a crucial part of your loan approval.  It's important to know what role they play.

How Much are Closing Costs?

This video provides general understanding of closing costs.  Call for specifics on a property you're looking at!

How Will Offering Less Affect My Monthly Payment?

This explains how offering less money to a seller affects your monthly payment, and how to potentially save thousands of out of pocket money.